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Give your child the gift of success...

Learn how the martial arts will give your child
the ability to conquer life's mental and physical challenges

I am so sure you will  agree that I will give you a special NO RISK OFFER.

Dear Parent:

My name is Mark Smith.  Iím the owner of one of the most respected martial arts schools in New Hampshire, Premier Taekwondo here in Merrimack.

For over 10 years, I've used the character building tools found only in Taekwondo to nurture children like yours.  How can Taekwondo accomplish this?  I am going to tell you and let you and your child sample all of this and more.

Your child's biggest life challenge is not "defending themselves from the neighborhood bully," but conquering more sinister forces.  Your child's own insecurity and fears:

  • I don't understand my homework.

  • I am not as good as John at soccer.

  • Why didn't I get invited to the party?

  • How come Michelle is so popular?

Confident Child

Confidence leads
to Success

Raising children is the most difficult and rewarding job you can have. Preparing children for the challenges life throws at them requires love, understanding and education. But how do you teach them the discipline, and perseverance needed to succeed when faced with life's challenges? This type of life education is not found in our schools. It is not taught on the soccer field or the basketball court, but traits like confidence, perseverance, and self-control can have a profound effect on what a child can accomplish.

I have a proven solution that can help. Hundreds of children have already benefited from this program.  And your child will have fun while they learn.

Let me tell you its secret:

It's not your child's abilities that hold them back, you've seen them succeed when they want to. The self-doubt and inner fears limit your child's performance like an emergency brake. Replace the doubt with confidence, erase the fear with discipline and perseverance and your child will unleash the power to conquer life's challenges.

I've seen it happen time and again, when your child uses the discipline of Taekwondo to conquer self-doubt and replace it with confidence, he has the power to erase the fear from all other areas of his life. No other sport can do this as well as Taekwondo because in Taekwondo discipline, self-control, and perseverance, are as important as kicking, blocking and punching. (I know. I've been watching it happen for over 10 years.)

Over the years I have seen hundreds of children benefit from our unique program.

  • Shy kids, who learned the value of confidence and the joy of success
  • Active kids, who learn to control and focus their energy into accomplishments
  • Overweight kids, who get in shape and accomplish more than they thought was possible
  • And smart kids, who learn to push themselves physically and mentally to new heights
"Premier Taekwondo has improved Alex's confidence, respect, awareness of others, and manners."
- Leticia Quiles

Our program has given these children the tools to succeed.  When children learn the traits of success early in life, they benefit from them forever.  When a child succeeds at school or sports it gives them the feeling of pride and satisfaction that encourages further efforts.  Where can children learn the skills that lead to success?

The answer is our special Children's program.  More important than the physical skills we teach are the Tenets of Taekwondo.  At Premier Taekwondo, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, and Self-control are as much a part of our program as punching and kicking.  While the traditional skills of self defense are an important part of our program, it is the mental discipline that forms the foundation upon which children build success.

Our program will give your child the tools to succeed including:

Premier Taekwondo practices courtesy during every class.  Courtesy forms the basis for respect.  When children learn to be polite to others they have taken the first step towards being respectful and being respected.
We develop integrity through practice and role models.  Children crave the attention and respect that they earn when they are honest and trustworthy.  We show them how to earn it.
Your child learns perseverance when they reach their goals.  They will accomplish more than they thought was possible.
Premier Taekwondo will help you child develop self-control.  When they control their mind and body, the challenges of school and physical activities turn to success.
"Friendly atmosphere. Great instructors. Builds confidence and challenges students"
- Patty Burgett

When was the last time your children enjoyed learning? 

Premier Taekwondo offers these keys to success in a package that kids cannot resist.  Do your kids beg to go to school to learn?  The kids at Premier Taekwondo do.  Because we provide a safe, fun, and challenging environment, kids enjoy learning.  As they learn they develop physically, mentally and socially.  And because they are surrounded by peers with the same goals and desires they will develop positive friendships in a healthy environment.

Successful Child

earn Respect

Individual attention and experience makes each child's experience rewarding

At Premier Taekwondo we never forget that each child is different.  We take the time to address the unique and special needs of each child.  Our program is designed to make sure every child succeeds.  As the parent of two children I know that what works for one child does not always work for another.  As an instructor with over 20 years experience teaching children I know how to find the key to unlock your child's success.

Here is what the parents of Premier Taekwondo students have to say about our unique children's program

Taekwondo Children

Join the Premier
Taekwondo Family

"You pay attention to particulars and take teaching seriously. You expect quality from your students.  You care about teaching how things are to be done and not just satisfied with them going through the moves."
Karen Yeaton, mother

"Discipline during class has a very positive effect on my children.  I like most the care and consideration the staff shows towards all students."
Tom Varela, father

"Program is comprehensive yet fun. Builds confidence.  I like the instructors and the caring that is there for the kids."
Barbara Cameron, mother

"I like how the school is run.  You are great with the kids and you are very personable.  Billy and Mike look forward to class.  I also feel the discipline is important."
Brenda Duffy, mother 

"Great techniques in teaching.   I like the discipline but the kids also have fun."
Luanne Cassista, mother 

But you do not have to take their word for it.  The best way to see how our program can benefit your child is to try it yourself.


We are so sure you will agree with us, we want to offer you a special no risk offer.  Premier Taekwondo would like to offer you a month of lessons with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION!

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Premier Taekwondo Uniform


1.) A Taekwondo Uniform (a $30.00 value).
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Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids



2.) A Martial Arts Training Diary (a $10.00 value)
This diary helps parents and children learn about taekwondo and record their progress in our program.


Instructor teaching child



3.) And a Month of Taekwondo Classes (a $75.00 value)
Open five days a week including Saturdays.  Choose the days that work best for your schedule.





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With this special offer the uniform, training diary and month of instruction, a $115.00 value, is available to you for only $29.  And if you are not completely satisfied Premier Taekwondo will refund your money and you can keep the uniform and training diary as our gifts.

Register now to get this special Internet offer or give us a call at (603) 424-3633.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Please act today, with this special offer our classes will fill-up quickly, so now is the time to start your child on their future at Premier Taekwondo!


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Master Mark M. Smith

Thank you for taking the time to read this valuable information and I look forward to meeting you in person at the school soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark M. Smith Signature
Master Mark Smith
Owner/Instructor, Premier Taekwondo

P.S. Taekwondo has many great benefits for adults too!  Come try a class.  Premier Taekwondo has special family programs that encourage you and your children to improve your life together..  Taekwondo provides physical fitness, weight loss, and is a great stress reliever.

P.P.S.  Don't think character building is all we offer.  Not only is Taekwondo an effective form of self-defense, but it is also an Olympic sport.  Ask about our competition program, and how your child can earn success competing.

Taekwondo is not just for children.  It's for adults too!

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