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Learn how to...

  • Get in great physical shape

  • Reduce your stress level

  • Enjoy working out with others like yourself 

I am so sure you will agree that I will give you a special NO RISK OFFER.

Dear Prospective Student:

The Premier Taekwondo program provides adults with a great opportunity to learn self-defense and become physically and mentally fit.  You will also enjoy working towards your goals with others who also enjoy these pursuits! 

Martial Arts have been used for thousands of years in the East as a method for young and old to increase fitness, flexibility, and strength.  In fact martial arts is a great workout because not only does it exercise your entire body, it also works your mind as well!

   Fit Woman

Fit for life!

Martial arts help reduce stress, and improve focus and concentration, which makes for a happier, healthier life!

At Premier Taekwondo we believe that only when you are physically and mentally fit can you reach your potential and get the most out of life.  To strengthen the body, you begin by working on flexibility through a gradual and safe method of stretching.  Your strength will increase throughout your body as the simple martial arts movements exercise your legs, torso and upper body.  As strength and flexibility increase, so will your energy level and confidence.

When you exercise, focus and concentrate on learning taekwondo, you'll feel your mind clear and the stresses of daily life recede. Setting and mastering goals in your martial arts training, will continually improve your confidence, coordination, strength and flexibility, providing you with the combined power of the mind and body working together. This combination of mind and body is the secret of the martial arts that provides a healthier and happier life.

A Modern Approach to Martial Arts

Although the techniques of Taekwondo are based on centuries old knowledge, at Premier Taekwondo we use the best of modern training and teaching techniques to provide you with a superior learning experience.  You will not find any "drill sergeant,"  instructors or have to pass any "mystical" tests.  We know that not every student is a former football star.  We will challenge you with a safe program designed to enhance your physical abilities and maximize your self-defense skills.  Best of all, you will enjoy yourself, meet new friends, while improving yourself in our friendship based system.

The benefits of our programs include: 


  • Improved Reflexes and Coordination which increases your performance in all physical activities.
  • Increased Strength and Stamina boosts energy so you feel great all day
  • Increased Flexibility & Weight Control for better overall fitness
  • Great Cardiovascular Work Out keeps you in good shape physically


  • Improved Concentration for better work and study habits
  • Stress Reduction & Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life
  • The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that you are able to Protect Yourself & Your Family
  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life 

Here is what students have to say about our unique program

  Happy Man

Enjoy staying fit
with friends


"I like the instruction and positive reinforcement you get without the "military" attitude. The fact that we can all laugh with each other, yet still help each other is a great feeling."
Rick Gordon, Sales Executive

"Premier Taekwondo gave me a connection when I first moved here and didn't know anyone."
Kelly Power-Waters, Human Resources

"Great classes, good workout and very patient with new students."
Patty Burgett, Navel Personnel

"Master Smith will focus on things that interest each individual.  I like the atmosphere and the people."
Barbara Sebring, Financial Industry


But you do not have to take their word for it.  The best way to see how our program can benefit you is to try it yourself.


We are so sure you will agree with us, we want to offer you a special no risk offer.  Premier Taekwondo would like to offer you a month of lessons with ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION!

Register for this special offer online now and receive:

Premier Taekwondo Uniform


1.) A Taekwondo Uniform (a $30.00 value).
This is not a flimsy pair of white pajamas.  The Premier Taekwondo uniform is a high quality piece of sports wear, made from special ribbed fabric designed to breathe and move during heavy workouts.  It will not open, due to a unique V-neck design and will last for years.


Premier Taekwondo Students


2.) and a Month of Taekwondo Classes (a $75.00 value)
Feel great!  In just a few weeks, our program with transform you into a confident, focused, fit  individual.  Open five days a week including Saturdays.  Choose the days that work best for your schedule.




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With this special offer the uniform and month of instruction, a $105.00 value, is available to you for only $29.  And if you are not completely satisfied Premier Taekwondo will refund your money.

Register now to get this special Internet offer or give us a call at (603) 424-3633.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Please act today, with this special offer our classes will fill-up quickly, so now is the time to take charge of your health and fitness at Premier Taekwondo!


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Master Mark M. Smith

Thank you for taking the time to read this valuable information and I look forward to meeting you in person at the school soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark M. Smith Signature
Master Mark Smith
Owner/Instructor, Premier Taekwondo

P.S. Taekwondo has many great benefits for children too!  If you have children feel free to bring them along.  Premier Taekwondo has special family programs that encourage you and your children to improve your life together.

P.P.S.  Don't think a healthy life is all we offer.  Not only is Taekwondo an effective form of self-defense, but it is also an Olympic sport.  Ask about our competition program, and how you can enjoy competing.

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